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Trusted by Producers and Cinematographers

"Hi Jurgen, just wanted to say that the material is absolutely outstanding. Thank you to your whole team and have a great Easter.”
Nick Monaham
Director of photography
"The film is going to be amazing by the way.  On another note, the editor and assistant were saying you’re the best DIT they’ve ever worked with.  Eric and Mark have often said the same. Take care,"

- Simon Dragland
Producer @ Scouts Honour Inc
"I received several message last night from Hauke and Paul to please pass on their thanks for yesterday. From my side thanks to each and everyone for contributing to making a challenging shoot day a success. It is hugely appreciated! I feel like special mention needs go out to Jurgen, who has the unenviable, often misunderstood and certainly challenging job of connecting to opposite sides of the planet. Yesterday was not without its problems, but you kept soldiering on in your quiet, calm, efficient manner. And of course to Ali and Mel, because there isn’t a better production team!"
- Greer
Head of Production @ Juice Film
"Hi mate! Thanks for these, and for your work over this week, legend! Henry"
- Henry Lockyer
Director of photography
"With Myrage we've seen amazing results in less than 1 month, our revenue became so high that I’m thinking an exit strategy.”

Mike Willgo

Business Partner

"What can I say? This template makes me want to work with my team and finally focusing on building great products."

George Bellafonte

Senior User Acquisition Manager

"Incredibly glad to be part of this community and share the most advanced technology. Myrage made my company grows."

Steeve Karen

Software Development Leader

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